Thursday, 17 December 2009

Stained Glass Windows

From Stencil to Texture

As my camera Angles have now changed so have some of the details which are needed. A number of close shots of windows has made its way into the shot sequence, so stain glass window details for some of the windows have been added to give the audience a focus point within some of these longer sequences. The alpha is still to be added to allow the camera to see through the window and tweaking is still to be carried out on the bump texture walls.


  1. Hi Leanne,

    I know it's early days with the windows, but my instincts tell me that your colours should be desaturated to suit the overall mood of the piece? A bit of London grime, if you like... Tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree :-)

  2. Not at all. I know what you mean, the colours are to bright and will be working on that in the near future, just wanted to get the windows in now that the camera has changed, didnt want to leave them till the last min. Plenty of time to tweek hehe.