Tuesday, 15 December 2009


With all animation the camera goes through a process of slowing in and out of each move movement which softend the transition for audiences to watch. Maya has a facility in which to calculate and proform this process easily by flatterening the taganets (maya controls for keyframes). This flatterning of tagents for my animation appears to not only slow the camera move in and out of each key frame, it also appears to pause the camera movement for a moment, resulting in a very unsmooth motion of the camera.

Flatterened Tangents:

From this result I decided to try the plateau tangent setting, which similar to the flatterned tagents softens the motion of the transitions between keyframes but also maintains the continous motion.

Plateau Tagents:

The Camera is still to be refinded.

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  1. Evening Leanne,

    You're working so hard on your cameras - I'm really very proud of you! Everytime you upload a new version, it gets better - more sophisticated and easier on the eye - you must be exhausted, but keep it fresh and keep looking, refining and being critical when it matters :-)