Thursday, 21 January 2010

Final Animation

The Knights Templar: The Temple Church

A more compressed and lower resolution version of my final piece. The quailty is not as clear as my submitted animation due to file size requirements for the blog.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


DVD Cover and Disk

Friday, 15 January 2010

Rendering and Editing Update

After a long few weeks of rendering, I finally began the editing process for animation. so far the all but the open and ending scenes are in place, with sound. the opening scene I plan to start over the weekend and the closing scene is currently being rendered as the animation is not long enough and the brick work in the final shots are to lower bump depth to be seen. This scene so far has had the longest render time so it could take a few days as it needs to be rendered twice with the two types of brick work. While waiting for renders to finish on my computer I will now spend time updating and finishing off my PDF document which will accompany the work on dads PC (which is to slow for renders). For the first time in a long time the stress levels for finishing the project in time are at a manageable level.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

No Panic Problem Solved

Not sure how or why, but I have sovled the problem over night and have the final camera rendering. It appears that my AVG anti-virus software was causeing interfence with that one render, as by turning that off seems to be the only thing that let my renders work. This has been very strange, somthing I will talk to Alan about at some stage, but not today as the camera is rendering now.

So once this camera is finished its on to post production, and getting my printer fixed. Its always towards the end of projects that things break down, oh well onwards and upwards, smiles all round.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Why does the end always go wrong?

I am on the last render stage of my last camera and it wont render. Weel to see it wont render full stop finish is a bit of an exhageration but heres the problem, il start from the top.

1. all my cameras are set up exactly the same to render differnt parts of the church.
2. the occlusion layer is set up exactly the same for every camera.
3. 4 of 5 cameras have successfully rendered the occlusion layer but this last camera will not.
i have tried on all computers at home.
I attempted to render at uni. which worked (but extremely slowly compared to every other render i have done at home. (150 frames over 5 and half hours)) i got home to carry on with the render which began fine to have the same problem at home. all the setting i can find have been set the same way at home as at uni but still not working. I have even tried setting up a new camera to render these frames. this problem is just baffeling. Looks like il have to render on the uni comps if it wil work tomo, unless anyone has any suggestions ?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The end is drawing near: Updates

With the end of the project looming here's just a quick update of my progress as it has been while since my last post. Over the last few weeks I have been rendering out scenes from my project, some have taken longer than others, and as always there have been problems with rendered scenes which have need to be rendered out a second and sometimes a third time. I jumped ahead with rendering at home for fear of the bad weather forecast for the next weeks and not being able to get into uni to use multiple computers. I am glad I have done so with the latest forecasts of snow. With two render passes left, the planed completion, of the rendering process, is by the end on Monday giving me enough time for post production and creating the pdf. files to accompany the project at the same standard.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Transition test

After spending last week preparing and starting renders I have put together one final test to check the transition from Rag stone to Bath stone. This is one test that could only be seen and checked properly through caring out complete renders of the last camera shots, so a lot of faith went into it working. Rendering itself has taken up a lot of time over the last few days, I have found that the occlusion layers are taking a far longer than any other layer to render and I will need to allow more time to compensate.

Test for final shots (low detail and strange ratio, due to movie maker compression to make file small enough for blog):