Friday, 15 January 2010

Rendering and Editing Update

After a long few weeks of rendering, I finally began the editing process for animation. so far the all but the open and ending scenes are in place, with sound. the opening scene I plan to start over the weekend and the closing scene is currently being rendered as the animation is not long enough and the brick work in the final shots are to lower bump depth to be seen. This scene so far has had the longest render time so it could take a few days as it needs to be rendered twice with the two types of brick work. While waiting for renders to finish on my computer I will now spend time updating and finishing off my PDF document which will accompany the work on dads PC (which is to slow for renders). For the first time in a long time the stress levels for finishing the project in time are at a manageable level.


  1. go u chick! how do u make a PDF document?? comment me plzz darlin, I guess its just saving it as one, I think I just answered my own question lol

    love ur pic! very tranquil

  2. thanx hunni, i shall have to get on with that soon, what have you written about, just a run through of the project and such i guess? do pitures work as well? i will have to try a tester as i have never done it before lol. u going in tomoz (tuesday)? i am to print my CD cover. maybe see you then... hope all is well...