Saturday, 9 January 2010

The end is drawing near: Updates

With the end of the project looming here's just a quick update of my progress as it has been while since my last post. Over the last few weeks I have been rendering out scenes from my project, some have taken longer than others, and as always there have been problems with rendered scenes which have need to be rendered out a second and sometimes a third time. I jumped ahead with rendering at home for fear of the bad weather forecast for the next weeks and not being able to get into uni to use multiple computers. I am glad I have done so with the latest forecasts of snow. With two render passes left, the planed completion, of the rendering process, is by the end on Monday giving me enough time for post production and creating the pdf. files to accompany the project at the same standard.

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  1. Evening Leanne,

    Yes - the weather is annoying (said the guy who was trapped in Madrid) but in the past when the campuses were shut, the University resolved strategies for making up the lost time for the benefit of students; I'll be talking to MPW (if there is going to be a problem next week) for confirmation; keep an eye on the group blog for more info - and keep your eye on the UCA website or updates as and when.

    Sounds as if your organisation is paying dividends - good - be sure, however, to check ALL spelling and grammar on all text for PDFs etc. Just get someone else to proof read as a precaution... there's nothing worse than an enshrined typo - 'the fly in the ointment'!