Monday, 14 December 2009

Opening Camera

My previous establishing shots have been pretty bland. My lastest camera attempt adds a sense of scale, however the camera movements need fine tuning and moves a little fast in places.


  1. Hi Leanne.

    Can you come and see me on tuesday regarding your camera moves. Theres an easier way to do this.


  2. Evening!

    Good to see you getting stuck in - but yes, too fast, and more 'float' and more 'space' still necessary - and I think you've got to contrive to keep the top of the church spire in shot, otherwise the composition frustrates - I'm sure there's a way to nail these establishing shots - it looks as if Alan has a plan... give him a precis of our discussion and see what he suggests; it's all about keep the eye happy and giving your model some scale and 'monumentalism'...