Friday, 4 December 2009

Camera Test

As suggested by Alan I have spent this morning testing camera focus lengths to try to add curvature to the focus so that the building does not look so flat.

The original is at a focus of 35:

I also tried an focus length of 50:

Focus length of 70:

and a focus length of 80:
The angle that looked best that I added the trimmings to in Photoshop is a focus length of 75:

This camera focus has also helped the colour of the building. The process and filters for this focus length is exactly the same as that for the focus length of 35. This last image is almost the colour I'm after, there's something still not there yet though.


  1. Hi Leanne,

    Are the textures you're using right now tileable? If they are remind me on tuesday to talk to you about baking so you can create custom / enhanced textures and bump maps.

    Glad the camera test worked out.