Monday, 21 December 2009


Due to the amount of snow and ice on the roads and delays on trains I will not be able to make it into uni today for the extra time kindly provided by Phil and Alan, hopefully it will clear up and i will make it in tomorrrow.

Luckly, up to now, the only question I had for Alan is about animating alpha channels for the windows. What I want is for the windows to fade into shot, in turn with the other elements of the chancle.

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  1. Hi Leanne,

    I hope I am understanding you correctly but you want the windows to fade in? The trick would be to blend 'white' into your image that then makes the whole object transparent.

    If you go to your file node (image) and key the 'Color Offset' channel from black to white (or white to black in you case) it will mix with the image file to make it completely white / black etc.

    Hope thats what you meant?