Sunday, 27 September 2009

Scenes Idea Outline

1. Blue prints / ground plan of the Temple Church. the building should then grow out of the page to a top view of the temple church. all in grey scale.
voice over - who are the Knights Templar (brief history)

2. from a top view the camera will tilt track and rotate around to the south entrance of the building. as the camera move the colours of the build fade in with the surrounding location of London in which the church is situated
Voice over - the church - Who, Where, When and Why

3. from a shot of the south entrance the camera will rotate clockwise to the north Eastern corner of the chancel.
Voice over - the Chancle - Who, Where, When and Why

4. the outer walls closest to the camera will fade and become transparent to show the interior of the building
Voice Over - the Naive - Who, Where, When and Why

5. the camera will pan and rotate around to a side view and the Naive. as the camera moves the transparency will move down the wall also to give a complete view of the interior. the walls of where the camera moved from will become opaque once again.
Voice Over - the Naive - Who, Where, When and Why

6. camera tracks into the Naive, all walls become opaque agian, camera looks at details of columns in the naive.
Voice Over - the Naive - Who, Where, When and Why

7. a shot of the remodleing of the Temple Church. both interior by Christopher Wren in 1666 after the great fire of london and renivations made after the bombongs of World War Two
Voice over - discuss the changes made to the Temple

A documentry style voice over will accompany this piece of animation to explain the histroy and origins of the church and founders, The Knights Templar.

Storyboard to follow...

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