Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Project Brief Idea 1

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Using historic and eye witness accounts of ghostly inhabitants of berry Pomeroy castle, bring the castle ruins back to life by recreating the history of the castle for audiences to witness. I intend to take the viewers on a ghostly tours, comparing views of the ruins to that of how the castle was once built.

The Ghosts

1. The Lady In Whitethe Lady in White is believed to be the ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy who was imprisoned in the dungeons by her jealous sister, Lady Eleanor. The Lady in White haunts the dungeons, and the raise to St Margaret Towers to the castle ramparts.

2. The Lady in BlueThe Lady in Blue is the ghost from the 18th century, a young woman who had a love affair with her father and gave birth to an incestuous baby. after its birth her father strangled and murdered the baby in one of the tower rooms. the ghost of the lady in Blue is often seen trying to lure men to their death by seeking help in unsafe areas of the castle.

3. Pomeroys LeapTwo Pomeroy brothers where in the castle when it became under siege, in a attempt to save the castle the brothers put on their armour and mounted their horses to ride to the death. they leapt from the castle ramparts, which subsequently has become known as Pomeroys Leap.

Things needed for this project.
- ground plans and arrcitectual drawings and designs of castle and ruins
- images of the castle and current ruins- character design for ghostly presences, the history of the character

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