Tuesday, 22 September 2009

1st Tutorial

After talking through my initial ideas, I left the tutorial in a bit of a whirl, I couldn't work out if I got the answers I was looking for or not. having the time now to look back on what was said and looked at, the answers I got take me back to my very first thought for the haunted house idea. from the first moment in the queue of Hex (at Alton Towers) when the idea sprung, I wanted to do haunted house that was haunted and creepy because of its past. I wanted there to be mystery, a curse, strange occurrences all with actual evidence.similar to that of Hex. Hex is a ride based around a curse that was uncovered during excavation and remodeling of the Alton Manor. When looking around I couldn't find anything that appealed to the idea so it evolved to the ghostly stories that I previously briefed.

The direction of the piece for my minor project is the right way to go, with historic buildings with mystry behind them however the ghostly past is not. After spending more time searching the past of UK's heritage, I found a new possibilty for the direction of the narrative. The mystery of the Knights Templar...

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