Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Project Breif Idea 2

Theme Park Thrill Seekers

the challenge is to create the ultimate thrill seekers experience. a experience that people will return to year on year. something that is completely new to UK's Theme Park industry that is worthy or comparison to those of the US greats.

Coaster Design, ideas
- two simultaneous tracks that run toward and away from each while laying down as in air, one car on each track at a time for the ultimate feeling of flying with nothing in front of you.
- safety criteria
- harnesses, cars and track design
- queue designs, what should be seen through the queue to entertain and build suspense within the riders

The final piece should be presented as a pitch to coaster designers and theme park owners with all the information they need to build the coaster. Also a simulated experience should be incorporated to show the audience what to expect form the ride.

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