Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Influences for Style and Content

After my second tutorial for this project, i have begun to look at this project a little differently to the others from first and second year. Third year is now my final attempt for gaining experience and getting things right for my project work. The design for this piece of work will be very television oriented unlike my filmic projects of the past.

There are many programmes that present history and architecture together, programmes such as Megarstructures, Cities of the Underworld, Grand Designs, just to name a few. They all have there own individual styles, some using CG more freely than others.

Megastructures - Natural Geographic Channel

Megastructures uses both live action shots and CG to the breakdown the creation process of the structure, using CG to show either simulations or areas within the structure that would be normally hidden from the public. Megastructures uses a voice over throughout the programme to tell the what is being seen in the scene, it also uses interviews with experts to explain some of the more complex information. there is ambient music which plays low in the background throughout the programme. the CG shots are generally a faster pace to that of live action shots which pan across the structures.

Cities of the Underworld - History Channel

Cities of the Underworld is another that uses both CG and live action, this programme uses CG more extensively, then in Megastructures, the show the audience what is no longer their the film or to show what is underground that can no longer be seen. Cities of the Underworld also uses a combination of voice overs and interviews, however this porgramme also uses a presenter which conducts the interviews. The CG work within this programme shows alot of information in a short amount of time, long shots of fast moving cameras which swoop from underground following paths to areal shots from building to the next. Building walls become transaprent to see information of the construction inside, specific areas which are being described are indicated with a yellow glow instead of lables and arrows. Cities of the Underworld also use manipulated movinig painting to represent the history.

Grand Designs - Channel 4

Grand Designs with presenter Kevin McCloud uses very little CG, but uses CG as a way to look forward through designs of new builds.

The style from Cities of the Underworld is an influence to my ideas and design for showing the history of the Temple Church building in London. To use long shots throughout to create a line for the narritive to flow giving information about the building itself and the history that surrounds it culture.

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