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The Knights Templar

After some research into the here's some of the history, not all relevant but all very interesting all the same.

The Knights Templar is a Christian organisation that built up to protect people on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, after the first crusade in 1099. The start of the Knights Templar began with few veterans of the first crusade who dedicated their lives to the protection of Pilgrims. The new order very poor, relying on donations to survive. The emblem of the Knights Templar was of two men riding one horse to show there poverty. By 1129 the order was officially endorsed and funded by the church. The Templar's became a favoured charity of the Christendom, receiving money land business and noble-born sons eager to help and join their course. The Templar's where granted exemption from all authorities other then the pope and course cross boarders freely without paying taxes.

Although the primary mission of the Templar was military protect, many new members supported the kings knights and managed financial infrastructures. The Templar's enforced an early form of banking in order to protect Pilgrims. The Pilgrims would handover valuable goods to the Templar's and would receives a letter in it place, once there pilgrimage was over they would give the letter to the Templar's and would receive there valuables. By doing this the Pilgrims would be less likely targets for thieves.

It is argued that the Templar's were the first multinational corporation, they had bases across the Christendom, dealing with manufacturing, imports and exports with their own fleet of ships.

The dimes of the Knights Templar began in the late 1100's often losing out to rival orders, 1244 saw the recapture of Jerusalem by Khwarizmi Turks. The Templar's where forced to relocate to other cities in the north, which they eventually lost. The last main land Strong hold was Tortosa which also fall from the hands of he Templar's in 1291. The Templar order was officially broken up with may being burnt at the stake after false confession ordered from King Philip IV of France in the early 1300's.

It is beleived that king Philip IV dissolved the order of Templar as he was in debt to them, so when the chance of a possible crime that could be held liable to the Knights Templar, he to the opertunity to rid of debt from the whole order.

Ledgends and Relics (some still to be looked further into)
1. the Holy Grail
2. the Ark of Covenant
3. the True Cross
4. Baphomet (Satanism)

There is eveidence that the Knights Templar came to England with of their first churchs built on the Northen Downs of Dover and another, possible strong hold or citidale of theirs based in London, The Temple Church on Fleet Street, and possibly Castle Baynard was a building for the Templars to.

This could be a starting point my project...

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