Tuesday, 22 September 2009

3rd Year Brief

Throughout the summer break I have had ideas running through my head for I could enjoy creating for my minor and major projects for the 3rd year. I kept coming back to 3 main idea areas.

1. A Music VideoA whole load of different ideas for thousands of songs got my mind popping with ideas, the last song that i seriously considered for a possible music video project was Enter the Circus by Christina Aguilera. My ideas for this track center around the opening of a circus act which opens as a normal circus and quickly changes to something a little more terrifying.

2. A Theme Park ExperienceIdeas which came for this possible project started buzzing around the confines of my brain on a trip to Alton Towers while queueing for Air, when a saw the two separate tracks for the loading and unloading of passengers I starting coming up with ideas for a ride two tracks that could run simultaneously, throwing passengers between one another for the ultimate thrill ride. as a piece of work this idea could full fill somthing I have wanted to do since being a young kid drawing rollercoasters.

3. A Hunted House / Ghost TourMy third idea also originated while at alton towers and has evloved since looking for a bases. while queueing for Hex I was admiring the architecture and the uses of viedo to tell the story of a curse placed on the mannor which was uncovered by a team of builders remodling the property. I enjoyed the fanstises of ghostly presences and the history huanted manors and castles. trying to find a suitable cursed building myth or ledgendary ghost house has been a challenging task without going into the history of large castle which housed lots of violent ends for poeple, but none very well known. Berry Pomeroy Castle/Mannor house has the best history I have found so far.

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