Friday, 2 October 2009

Storyboard 2 (follows Script Draft 2)

This story board follows the second script draft. There is a loot of information that is need, it has been a struggle to cutting it down to I have so far. the Script as it stands at the moment is far from its final stage, so to help me determine whats is suitable and what is just waffle, heres a runn through of shot ideas so far.
Shots top to bottom:
01. Who are the Templar
02. The Temple Church Location
03. The Temple Church Blue print
04. Building up the Naive
05. About the Naive
06. About the Naive
07. About the Naive
08. Building up the Chancle
09. About the Chancle
10. About the Chancle
11. About the Chancle
12. About the Chancle
13. About the Organ
14. About the Spire
15. About the Spire

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