Thursday, 29 October 2009

Intertior modeling

For the interior model so far I have had a few problems in filling the right areas with the pillars without making it feel to claustrophobic and trying to figure out how the inside of the ceiling fits together has been a bit of a challenge, non-the-less its has come together nicely over the last few days. I have also had a few problems with maya glitching, a few fatel errors have come up while working with the programme. I think it is down too the size of the file and the density in my geometry, but should that cause fatel errors? So far my answer to it is to save reguarly and with new files, it seems to be keeping the errors at bay.


  1. That shouldn't cause errors per-se. How dense is your geometry? In Heads up Display I believe it's under, turn on Polygon count, and it will display the polygon count in the top left corner. How many Faces is it? Is your scene very slow to move around with the camera?

  2. the geometrey its fairly dense in some places (only where is essetial)the camera is sometimes slow to move but is back to normal when the histroy is deleted. there are 414309 faces in the entire scene, thats reduced as much as i can with keeping the defintioin (this is some of the interior of the building also)

  3. Okay, first thing I was going to suggest is check the History. I often forget to do so and things start slowing down because of that. Can you post up a screen shot of your wireframes inside and out please? You ought to make a low polygon version and use that high poly one to produce Normal maps for the low poly.