Wednesday, 11 November 2009

time base pre-vise part 1

Finally some time based pre-visualsion! No that I have my sound track and the problems with my modeling have been fixed I have had time to get back on track with camera timings. So this is my first attempt of camera timings and movements for the actual sound. As I mentioned before, I have not just been putting this piece of work off, it was near impossible to work out timings without the actual sound track for two reasons 1- I sound really bad recorded 2- theres know way to tell it would work if I dont talk as fluently and at the same speed as my vioce artist.

Any way, there are a few glitches with the camera popping behind a wall for a frame or two, but they are easliy cleaned up in checks before renders, so im not to worried about them at this point. The transtion between the two parts of the church, i plan to use the same principles as used in second year tutorials of dissolving the baked bean can, with a sight change. A part of the nave dissovles the chancle will build. a few tests will need to carried out first so see if it is worth doing.


  1. Good choice on voice over, he is really clear and easy to listen to

  2. Hey Leanne - the voiceover is GREAT! I'm really pleased for you; it was certainly worth giving that script a bit of a polish! :-) I'm not going to say too much about the pre-viz, because it's obvious that it's a work in progress; for me, total fluidity is essential - so that the camera glides and floats and never jerks or pops; it does seem to come to a halt in a few places and nothing much happens, but this, I know, is because its pre-viz and you're working on the finished shots; the point is, you have your voice over and suddenly you are in the position to generate something that is professional and broadcast quality; I want you to be a perfectionist, Leanne and just ensure that this is a Rolls Royce!