Sunday, 22 November 2009


I am very close to completing the modeling process of the church and it feels good to see the building really come together. I have had an idea for the colour palett from the start which i feel ready to fully explore. with having my models close to there completed stage i can also carry out a variety of tests to find the perfect appearence.


  1. Evening Leanne,

    After the slog of modeling you must be looking forward to moving into a new phase... I have an idea to run past you; the first years are just about to enter their unit 3 'Environment' project and are about to create their first digital set (it's the tableau vivant project). I think it would be really interesting for them to follow your blog and minor project progress - particularly as you're about to move into texturing and lighting etc. Would you be happy if I were to give them your blog address and suggest they check you out? Let me know...

  2. Yes, it will be good for things to change a bit in what im doing. I have no problem with 1st years taking a look any time.

  3. Cheers Leanne - that's forty new faces... You're always very good at archiving your project work, but can I ask you to be extra comprehensive - detail every increment of your process from this point on, as I what I want to impress upon the first year is a) the true complexity of a successful project in terms of layers of technical processes, and b) the more effective way to deconstruct and re-present the creative process and pipeline of work... it might also be helpful (not wanting to make more work for you) if you could get your blog ready for the interim crit week (I'll get a confirmation of the date for this out to the 3rd year tomorrow), which will be week 11 (probably wednesday afternoon), and create a post that it is a precis/overview of your project - a write-up of the original brief and re-stating of your progress so far, and your ambitions for the project... anyway, I'm very much looking forward to your interim crit (if you do a Powerpoint, watch your spelling etc.), and, I also want to congratulate you on your commitment to getting this project to work on every level; your professionalism is being noted :-)